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Supporting California charter leaders for 30 years...

The Charter Schools Development Center provides experienced and expert technical assistance and resources to the California charter sector. We support charter leaders in various roles including principals, directors, administrators, business officers, board members, developers, teachers, authorizers and service providers.

Charter School Principals, Administrators and Fiscal Officers

CSDC partners with school leaders across the state to help build and maintain sustainable structures that help schools thrive within a dynamic political, legal, and regulatory environment. We work to proactively protect the charter movement by fighting for equitable funding, defending charter schools from legislative attack and supporting schools before regulators and state agencies. We provide comprehensive school supports including:

  • Advocates Fighting on Your Behalf in Sacramento
  • Ongoing, Timely Publications (Charter Currents) and Webinars
  • Annual Statewide Leadership Update Conference
  • On-Demand Webinars and Searchable Resources
  • Data, Accountability and Charter Renewal Support
  • Charter Business Officer Training Program
  • Leadership Intensive Program
  • Consultations and Technical Assistance

Board Members

CSDC equips charter school governing board members with the knowledge they need to in order to provide effective monitoring and thoughtful guidance. Our team is well versed in the complex and unique oversight requirements required of charter school governing boards. We provide robust support including:

  • Board Development and Review
  • On-Demand Governance Trainings and Resources
  • Custom Board Trainings and Assessments
  • Ongoing, Timely Publications (Board Bulletins) and Webinars
  • Consultations and Technical Assistance

Charter School Developers

Over our 30 year history, CSDC has helped launch hundreds of California charter schools. We have expertise in all areas of charter school start-up including school design, budget development, and board recruitment.  We welcome initial calls with individuals considering starting a school to help them assess if, how and when charter school start-up is right for them.


The educational landscape is changing quickly and now, more than ever, teachers need to adapt to changing standards, technology, and instructional requirements. CSDC is committed to helping teachers keep up with this changing environment. CSDC is also a great resource to those teachers interested in becoming charter school administrators, helping them learn the fundamentals of school management in order to make the transition from instructional staff to school leader.

Charter School Authorizers

Authorizers are key partners for success in the California charter school movement. Over nearly three decades, CSDC has partnered with and supported numerous charter authorizers in the areas of accountability, renewal and relationship building with their charter schools. We have created conference content strands and detailed member resources dedicated to supporting charter authorizers to ensure effective oversight.


For over 30 years CSDC has amassed a large and diverse following of charter school developers, leaders and governing board members from schools across the state. We are proud to offer multiple opportunities for high quality vendors to connect with charter organizations in need of their services including:

  • Discounts on Annual Conference Exhibitor Opportunities
  • Vendor Directory Listing
  • Charter Jobs Posting

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Become a CSDC member

Gain complete access to chartercenter.org and to the ongoing operational support we provide to CSDC Members.


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