Act by April 13 to Preserve Access to Federal Charter School Program (CSP) Grants

The US Department of Education has proposed new regulations and requirements for the Federal Charter School Program (CSP) Grants.

This vital program has provided crucial planning and launch funding for most of California’s charter schools. Many of these proposed new requirements appear to have been lifted from recent (anti-charter) changes to California’s Charter Act, including mandating “community impact” analyses, establishing rigid quotas, etc. These changes are designed to hobble this important grant program.

Back in the 1990s, CSDC helped to draft the legislation that established this grant program. The proposed new requirements run directly counter to the intent of the CSP program and make it nearly impossible for community leaders to start new charter schools. 

So what are we asking you to do? 

Please take one minute and use the link below provided by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to make your voice heard!

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