Advocacy Alert: Stop the Attack on Charter School Facilities!

AB 1604 (Bonta) is moving to the California Assembly Floor this week, where every Assemblymember will cast a vote on this terrible bill.

Last time, we asked you to contact members of the Assembly Education Committee. Today, CSDC urges you to ask your Assemblymember to VOTE NO

Take Action Now!

Take 1 minute to urge your Assemblymember to VOTE NO on AB 1604:


Why CSDC Opposes AB 1604

Accessing adequate school facilities is hard for charter schools, particularly in areas with limited available space or high real estate costs. Charter schools often need to navigate a complex process and explore multiple options to secure suitable facilities for learning.

AB 1604 would make facility access harder by imposing unworkable restrictions on the Charter School Facility Grant Program. This bill would:

  • Add restrictions on the sale or lease of charter school facilities,
  • Require the mandatory repayment of grant funds, and
  • Increase the regulatory burden for schools.

There is no need for this bill. The State Auditor found that the grant program is being implemented by the law, effectively serving a majority of low-income students, and creating classrooms in communities where there are shortages. The program is working well.


Contact CSDC Legislative & Outreach Specialist, Laura Kerr (

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