Announcing our Newest 2-Day Training: HR Academy

CSDC is excited to announce our latest in-depth training: HR Academy!

HR Academy provides guidance on each stage of the employment relationship from a charter school perspective. 

It explores both the science and the art of charter school HR. That is, both the legal and regulatory environment in which charter schools operate, as well as the many opportunities to maximize flexibility and build enduring, inspiring organizational cultures. 

In fact, the HR Academy instructional team includes both an experienced employment law expert, Jennifer McQuarrie, and a seasoned charter school practitioner, Brigid Perakis.

CSDC is now accepting applications for the two-day in-person training that will be held on September 27-28, 2022 at the Westin Sacramento.

Apply now to take advantage of the program under the current budget year. And don’t forgot to join (or renew) your CSDC School Membership as tuition is significantly discounted with active membership.

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