Education Authors Presenting at the 2022 CSDC Conference

CSDC's biggest annual event, the 2022 California Charter School Leadership Update Conference, is just over a month away. 

Included amongst the presenters at this year's conference are a number of education authors whose works are grounded in successful, real-world experience.

CSDC is pleased to host these authors at the conference and hope you find the following resources valuable:

  • When Black Students Excel, Joseph F. Johnson, Jr., Cynthia L. Uline, Stanley J. Munro, Jr., Routledge ©2022, focuses on findings from schools that have achieved outstanding results with Black students. The book is designed for educators looking for practical guidance on how to transform outcomes, including by engaging and empowering Black students. Just in time for National Center for Urban School Transformation (NCUST’s) book study series on the book, CSDC will host a session with author and NCUST Founder and Executive Coach Joseph Johnson.
  • For those looking to focus on improved results for Latino students, CSDC’s conference will also host NCUST Executive Director Francisco Escobedo for a session based on Five Practices for Improving the Success of Latino Students: A Guide for Secondary School Leaders, Christina Theokas, Mary L. Gonzalez, Consuelo Manriquez, and Joseph F. Johnson, Jr., Routledge ©2018. Based on the work of high-performing urban schools across the country, the NCUST resources present five key practices that are integral to improving achievement and postsecondary outcomes for Latino students. They offer specific examples and guidance plus assessment tools designed to help school leaders reflect upon their current practices, affirm school strengths that resemble the exemplary practices described in the chapters, and help educators pinpoint opportunities to strengthen practices.
  • “Every Educator Needs to Understand How the Brain Works,” by Ian Kelleher and Glenn Whitman, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, May 28, 2020. The intersection of neuroscience and education is emerging as an important area of best practice to transform education outcomes and close learning gaps. To connect charter schools with a resource especially designed for school administrators and teachers, CSDC invited the Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL) to present at the conference. Glenn Whitman will present two sessions on key “Mind, Brain, and Education” (MBE) domains of neuroplasticity, “neuromyths,” memory, metacognition, feedback, assessment, engagement, and three mindsets for learning (growth, belonging, and purpose & relevance). The sessions will provide exposure, “next day” applicable MBE research-informed strategies, and resources for deeper learning. 
  • 5 Ways School Leaders Can Work to Prevent Teacher Burnout, Edutopia, November 30, 2021. Join Edutopia’s featured author Kevin Leichtman at the conference for two sessions on practical strategies to address teacher burnout. One session focuses on school-wide teacher burnout prevention strategies, and a second session offers solutions to reduce burnout in teachers at highest risk for leaving. Effective teachers are key to student success, but teacher burnout rates are high and many schools are grappling with staffing shortages. These sessions will offer a defined framework and specific strategies to prevent, assess, and address teacher burnout.
  • Learn about restorative practices at the conference with author Dominique Smith, author of Removing Labels, Grades K-12: 40 Techniques to Disrupt Negative Expectations About Students and Schools by Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Corwin ©2021.  Principal of Health Sciences Middle School, Mr. Smith will present on using restorative practices to create an equitable school culture. The Health Sciences charter schools serve high proportions of students facing added challenges to learning, yet the school’s strong culture is reflected in “outlier” performance on several California School Dashboard metrics. Also check out his TEDx talks on Building Student Identity and Agency and Relationships – great short pieces to share with school staff in building shared expectations.

The conference is a great to place to hear more from these authors directly and have your specific questions answered. We hope you will join CSDC, over 1,000 California charter school leaders, and these great authors in Sacramento! Register now at

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