Food Service Providers are Exiting California. Help Address the Shortage.

In the midst of the recently mandated universal feeding in California, child nutrition programs throughout the state are facing a potential crisis as a result of several food service management companies exiting the state.

This exodus is leaving many markets throughout California with very few to no foodservice vendors.

The School Food and Wellness Group (SFWG), in conjunction with the Charter Schools Development Center (CSDC), is leading the effort to overcome the shortage of viable foodservice vendors available to serve charter schools throughout California. 

There are two actions we encourage you to take to bridge this gap: 

1. Complete Comprehensive Survey

  • This survey will provide industry experts with the data needed to facilitate foodservice vendor interest in various markets plus enable your organization to pair with potential foodservice vendors, if you so choose. 
  • If you are not interested in identifying potential vendors, we would encourage you to complete the survey as it will greatly benefit your peers throughout the state and ensure they can access the meals their students need. 
  • We have tried to minimize the length of time necessary to complete this survey. If you do not have all of the data requested, please provide your best estimate rather than leaving the survey incomplete.
  • None of the data will be used for sales activities by SFWG or CSDC.  
  • The survey deadline is October 7, 2022.


2. Attend Meet and Greet at 2022 CSDC Conference

  • We will be hosting a Meet and Greet Event at the upcoming 2022 CSDC Conference taking place November 13-15, in Sacramento. 
  • You can learn more and register for the conference by clicking the button below:



The teams at SFWG and CSDC thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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