2 Wins at the State Board and 2 Charter Bills To Watch

This week the State Board of Education sided with charter school advocates on two key issues: One impacting all charter school renewals and the other one impacting nonclassroom-based (NCB) funding determinations. Over the years, the depth of state board members’ understanding of charter school issues has waned, making direct advocacy more important.

  1. Charter School Renewal Data: The State Board of Education (SBE) made important changes to parameters for “verified data” during charter renewals. Learn more about the impact and why this was an important win here. Thank you to everyone who responded to our Advocacy Alert and were engaged in this advocacy effort. Your action made this possible!
  2. NCB Funding Determinations: Over 159 charter school advocates sent emails to State Board President Dr. Linda Darling Hammond urging her to adopt the Advisory Commission on Charter Schools' recommendation on funding determinations with mitigating circumstances. Today, the State Board agreed that ALL schools with mitigating circumstances should receive 100% funding over the next two years. We appreciate the SBE’s thoughtful recognition of how Pandemic effects and one-time funds impacted school budgeting, and are encouraged by their pragmatic approach.

The State Board of Education is notoriously difficult to persuade...

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