Have You Heard of California's Form 700?

Have you heard of California’s Form 700?

Are you required by law or by your school’s conflict of interest code to fill it out?

In the aftermath of Watergate (1974), California voters passed the Political Reform Act, and the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) was created to administer and enforce this landmark ethics law.

As part of its enforcement, the FPPC required specific individuals - like elected state officers, judges, city council, and school board members, among others, to fill out a disclosure form called Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700). In 2019, SB 126 added charter school board members to this mandatory disclosure list.

Charter school board members and other individuals (such as some administrative staff) named in the school’s conflict of interest code are required to fill out this multi-page form every year.

Need Help with Completing the Form?

With the April 1 filing deadline quickly approaching, CSDC will soon host a webinar to prepare board members and other key administrators to submit this annual public document.

On February 21, Join CSDC's Governance and Policy Specialist, Caitlin O'Halloran Hellar, as she walks through the document page-by-page, explaining the requirements and clarifying the conflict of interest code designated positions.

Caitlin will also answer frequently asked questions, such as:

  • Who is required to fill out the FPPC’s Form 700?
  • What should a charter school do if it doesn't have a conflict of interest policy (or the policy is outdated)?
  • What does “assuming office” mean?
  • Does the Form 700 or any accompanying information need to be heard at a public meeting?
  • And more!

More Governance Support

This webinar is one of several annual webinars CSDC hosts to support California charter school governing board members. In fact, just last week, CSDC hosted an extensive Budget, Policy, and Leadership Update Webinar for CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers.

Other benefits of CSDC Membership include access to Online Governance Academy, a series of on-demand learning modules designed to provide California charter school governing board members with the information they need to effectively oversee their schools.

CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers also have access to Board Bulletins, Sample Board Policies, and the Annual School Planning Calendar.


This webinar is available to all CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers at no additional cost. Registration is required to participate in the live webinar on February 21.

We hope to see you online on February 21!

Completing the Form 700 Webinar

Live Webinar
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
10:00-11:00AM PST


Webinar Recording
The recording of this webinar will be made available to CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers on CSDC's website shortly after the event and does not require registration.

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