Join Us for a Live Analysis of the 2022-23 State Budget

Last week Governor Newsom signed the 2022-23 state budget and dozens of related “trailer” bills into law after reaching compromises with the Legislature on several key tax refund and spending issues. 

The budget follows the Legislature’s prior adoption of a pseudo-budget in mid-June to meet the constitutional deadline. The adopted budget aligns closely with the Governor’s prior “May Revise” version of the budget on most issues, except for a larger increase in general-purpose funding and other modest changes.

Our recent Charter Currents article (sign-in required) summarizes key items of interest to charter schools, including:

  • A huge funding increase to the Local Control Funding Formula
  • Two forms of charter “hold harmless” protection
  • Additional pandemic emergency funding
  • Arts, music, and instructional materials funding
  • A slight softening of the laws governing  independent study paperwork
  • Increased ELO-P funding 
  • Charter schools’ exclusion from huge increases in district transportation and facilities funding

The enormous K-12 budget trailer bills include 350+ pages of detailed provisions, many of which are poorly drafted. 

CSDC continues to review and evaluate the details and we will provide a more detailed overview of the key budget items, our suggested budgeting strategies, and other updates in an information-packed webinar on Monday, July 11 at 10:00-11:30AM PDT.

This live webinar is available free of charge to CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers. 

Registration is required to join the live webinar. Please note that registration for the live webinar closes 1 hour before the webinar: 9:00AM PDT on July 11. 

A recording of the webinar will be made available to CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers and does not require registration. 

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