Legislature Passes the Mid-Way Point for Bills

The Senate Education Committee is steadily working through Assembly bills, including those related to TK teacher credentialing and a proposed statewide school facilities bond. Assembly Bill 1555 (Quirk-Silva) is sailing through the legislature without dissent. The bill would delay the imposition of penalties until 2025 for TK teachers that do not have at least 24 units of early childhood education (ECE) credits.

Assemblymember Muratsuchi (D - Torrance) somewhat awkwardly presented AB 247, his version of a school facilities bond, to the Senate Education Committee. On the dais for the hearing was Senator Glazer (D - Orinda), who has authored his version of the bond through SB 28. Two-major differences between the bills are that (1) Muratsuchi’s bill does not include higher education, leaving the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) in the cold; (2) the Glazer bill includes provisions that would help small school districts and charter schools navigate the bureaucratic gauntlet with matching funds required to access...

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