Tips for Getting Your Conference Presentation Approved

CSDC's annual California Charter School's Leadership Update Conference attracts charter school leaders from across the state seeking the in-depth information, critical content, practical resources, and technical assistance the event is known for.

As we develop the 2022 conference to be held November 13-15 in Sacramento, CSDC is seeking strong, experienced leaders within the charter sector who have insightful, timely, and critical content to share. The most valuable proposals will:

  • Address content or topics listed in the CSDC Call for Proposals (CFP)
  • Be presented by sector leaders
  • Review specific, proven best practices
  • Provide descriptions of specific challenges and how the school/charter organization/leader overcame them.
  • Offer real-world applications to operationalize valuable content
  • Engage attendees with interactive components, helpful visuals, multiple presenters, and/or Q&A

Proposals will be reviewed by CSDC’s programming selection committee. Throughout the evaluation process, the committee reviews proposals using the criteria outlined below (for complete review criteria, view the CFP):

  • Current: aligned with current events and trending issues for the charter sector
  • Unique: tell the story of your school’s journey/lessons learned or provide your distinct perspective and experience working with schools on a critical topic or issue
  • Practical: checklists, templates and other useful tools to aid in real-world implementation
  • Proven: where appropriate, share data on proven outcomes
  • Clear: what will attendees learn as a result of your presentation and/or what is the objective of the session
  • Experienced: Presenter(s) experience and expertise 

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