CSDC Legislative Update: Charter Bills in Limbo, Assembly Cuts CSFG Funds

The legislature is buzzing with action as key deadlines approach. Bills must move out of the Assembly to the Senate, and vice versa, by the end of next week or they will be shelved. The legislature also has to finish up their budget and get it to the governor by June 15.

Thanks to everyone who called in to testify against the Assembly budget cut to the Charter School Facility Block Grant! This was the last opportunity for the public to have input on the deal, with the Budget Committee hearing over three hours of public testimony.

It’s hard to say when charter school bills will come up for action next week. Legislative leaders do political calculus to decide when and how to bring issues to the floor. Charter school bills are tough because they can highlight divisions between progressive and moderate Democrats. Of course, CSDC will be watching carefully.

Here’s what happened — and didn’t happen — this week and what we’re looking forward to after the holiday weekend...

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