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Independent Study Instruction Compliance Checklist

Category: Nonclassroom-Based
Icons date 24x24 August 26, 2022


The purpose of this checklist is to provide a guide to evaluate the operation of an independent study program against the applicable laws and regulations and identify potential areas of non-compliance. Many of the laws governing independent study are subject to change and varying interpretation and alignment with this checklist does not guarantee compliance with the law as it may be interpreted by others, including auditors and/or the courts. CSDC recommends consultation with qualified auditors or consultants when engaging in a “high stakes” reviews of compliance. This checklist is in reference to the traditional form of independent study authorized by Education Code sections 51745-51747 and is not intended to apply to the newer, optional form of “course-based” independent study authorized starting in 2015-16 pursuant to Education Code section 51749.5.