Governing Board Training

CSDC offers custom governing board trainings designed to equip charter school board members with the tools and resources necessary to be highly effective in their duties and oversight responsibilities. CSDC also offers services to assist with the development and revision of critical charter school governing board policies. CSDC members have exclusive access to our online repository of Sample Charter School Operating Policies , updated annually by our expert staff and trusted advisors. Extensive board training through our Governance Training Certification program is also available to charter school board members at our annual Leadership Update Conference.

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Accountability, Data, and Renewal Services

CSDC members have access to CSDC’s expert assistance on school accountability and charter renewal–an increasingly important topic in the high-stakes environment of California’s charter schools. Members can also receive customized California School Comparison Reports to view their school’s performance on the Dashboard relative to demographically similar schools in the district or state. These reports automate information such as “points to next color,” “points to next status level,” and median performance data points, as well as provide helpful Grade Level Trajectory charts for a different look at school quality.

Accountability and Renewal Services
Available on a consulting basis:

  • Renewal petition review, revision, and negotiation
  • Annual operational agreement development and structuring (i.e. Memoranda of Understanding), for services, including special education and financial management
  • School data evaluation and recommendations using CSDC’s expert data analysis methods and tools
  • Dispute resolution between charter schools and charter-granting agencies

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Development, Replication and Expansion Assistance

CSDC assists charter school leaders with development, replication and expansion efforts including financial plan development, charter petition drafting, MOU reviews, and strategic communications. CSDC also provides support navigating the challenges related to the authorization and launch process. When challenges require work that exceeds phone and email guidance provided to CSDC members, developers may request consulting assistance with a charter school expert.

Other Consulting Services

CSDC also offers expertise in the areas of:

  • Facilities planning and compliance
  • Financial and strategic planning
  • Public Charter Schools Grant Program application review
  • Compliance with federal and state laws
  • Employee benefits assistance
  • Interaction with school unions
  • Assistance for independent study and home schools
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