Overview of Charter Renewal Process & Renewal Data Fundamentals

Wednesday, February 28, 2024
10:00-11:30AM PST


  • Susanne Coie, Accountability & Development Specialist, Charter Schools Development Center


This webinar presents the charter renewal process with a focus on understanding the complex student data components. For renewals this year or to be well-positioned in later years, the workshop is a great place to start. Attendees will have a sense of data points to target and monitor throughout the charter term for a smoother renewal.

  • Understand the basics of renewal petition drafting, timelines, process, and appeals
  • Be aware of new denial grounds related to finance, governance, and dis-enrollment of lower scoring students
  • Review the renewal criteria for each of three “performance tiers”: streamlined/5-7 year renewal (“high”), default/5-year renewal (“middle”), denial/2-year renewal (“low”), and the criteria for Dashboard Alternative Status Schools (DASS)
  • Learn why many schools operate on the margin of the streamlined (“high”) or the denial/2-year (“low”) tiers–or even both of those margins.
  • Consider how to align school planning with renewal data provisions and “verified data”
  • Most importantly, sometimes,: understand the need to communicate effectively and build support for your school

CSDC Members may want to request and review their schools’ custom CSDC 2023 Renewal Worksheets in conjunction with this webinar. Please allow time for processing.


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  • CSDC Members: Free! Registration required to participate in the live webinar.
  • Nonmembers: $149/person. Credit card payment only.

Registration Deadline: February 27, 2024 to participate in the live webinar; April 24, 2024 to access the webinar recording.

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