A Closer Look at the Charter Renewal Data Provisions & Criteria


Wednesday, March 13, 2024
10:00-11:30AM PDT


  • Susanne Coie, Accountability & Development Specialist, Charter Schools Development Center


What do you get when you combine incredibly complicated renewal statutes with a lack of clarity about how to consider student performance data? Confusion! This session workshop aims to provide a framework for considering data in alignment with the renewal criteria. When should a school’s student progress be considered “insufficient”? When is closure in students’ best interests? The workshop will provide a critical yet sensible look at related data:

  • View student achievement data through the lens of legal grounds for denial:
    • “Insufficient progress”
    • “Closure is in the best interest of students”
  • Examine how the above criteria fit, –and do not fit, –with “verified data” that authorizers are required to consider
    • Using Dashboard state and local indicators in renewal
    • Using verified data sources to show growth
  • Address confusion about the use of CAASPP and ELPAC in renewal
  • Analyze strengths, limitations, and distortions in various data sources, including the importance of using confidence intervals rather than cut-points in high stakes decisions
  • Understand the need to get a handle on these complex topics early and build shared understanding with the authorizer

CSDC Members may want to request and review their schools’ custom CSDC 2023 Renewal Worksheets in conjunction with this webinar. Please allow time for processing


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