Let’s Talk about the LCAP: Drafting a Meaningful Plan


Wednesday, April 10, 2024
10:00-11:30AM PDT


  • Susanne Coie, Accountability & Development Specialist, Charter Schools Development Center
  • Christine McCormick, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools


Too often, Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) become dressed-up spending plans that take valuable administrative time without adding much value in return. However, a thoughtful process can lead to more meaningful plans for continuous improvement. Careful planning up front can set up a smoother “annual update,” to take less time and avoid pitfalls down the road, For example, recent changes require carry-over of unspent funds meant to close achievement gaps for “high needs” students. Also the new LCAP template.requires evaluation of effectiveness and can require changes when there is no evidence showing that actions are effective. Bring your questions and let’s talk about the process.

  • Start with data analysis: Examine Dashboard and local data, renewal and other planning targets, and input of education partners to inform the annual update.
  • See the big picture: Create a coherent plan with streamlined goals, sensible metrics, and holistic actions that fit the data–then map on the spending plan
  • Use time-saving tools, resources and process: Trim the time with artificial intelligence and other tools

Join Christine McCormick of the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools for practical tips to achieve a compliant but meaningful LCAP, with alignment to other school planning and accountability processes, including charter renewal.

Prior to the session, we recommend becoming familiar with the LCAP template and process. The California Department of Education and many county offices of education have posted webinars and training tools to walk through LCAP fundamentals (be aware that there are some differences from charter schools.


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