Compared to What? An Even Closer Look at Renewal Data: Verified Data Growth Methodologies and Evaluating Progress on CAASPP & ELPAC


Wednesday, April 24, 2024
10:00-11:30AM PDT


  • Susanne Coie, Accountability & Development Specialist, Charter Schools Development Center


This session builds on the previous two sessions by digging deeper into student progress data. Charter renewals may involve evaluation of “one year of progress for each year of enrollment” using verified data. In addition, renewals may be denied based on “insufficient progress toward standards” when “closure is in the best interest of students.” These two components of renewal evaluate learning differently: the former evaluates student progress toward standards, and the latter evaluates the school relative to students’ alternatives, were the school to close. This workshop will compare related methodologies for evaluating these, including strengths and limitations of various methodologies for producing growth scores:

  • Local “verified data” assessments
  • Fee-based growth reports for CAASPP: CORE Student Growth Percentiles
  • California Growth Model data for CAASPP (not yet available)
  • Options for using the CAASPP and ELPAC data reporting website for CAASPP nor ELPAC and other alternatives

This session aims to help attendees interpret growth data and consider alternate methodologies that fit the renewal data provisions and criteria.

Allow time for processing.CSDC Members may want to request and review their schools’ custom CSDC 2023 Renewal Worksheets in conjunction with this webinar. Please allow time for processing.


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