2024 Adopted State Budget Webinar: Registration Open Now!

Join CSDC on Wednesday, July 17 for the Adopted Budget and Summer Update Webinar—the culmination of our 2024 Budget, Policy, and Leadership Update Series.

The July 17 webinar follows previous installments in this year’s series—including the Governor’s Proposed Budget Webinar (January 17) and May Revise Webinar (May 16)—and is available to CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers at no additional cost. (Join/renew here.)

What Will CSDC Discuss?

2024-25 Adopted State Budget Update: CSDC’s team–including Founder & Executive Director, Eric Premack–will provide a comprehensive update on the new, 2024-25 state budget package and its implications for charter schools, including:

  • Key economic and revenue assumptions underlying the state budget and whether they can be “counted” on,
  • How the governor and legislature closed a multi-billion-dollar funding gap,
  • The budget’s impact on constitutional funding guarantees for K-14 education,
  • CSDC’s estimates of key funding parameters for all major charter school funding programs,
  • Whether the state will implement the governor’s controversial “attendance recovery” and “instructional continuity” policies,
  • Implications for cash flow and any actual or potential cash deferrals,
  • Any last-minute budget or policy surprises, and
  • The state’s longer-term financial picture and what you need to do to plan accordingly.

Legislative Updates: CSDC’s team–including Legislative & Community Outreach Specialist, Laura Kerr–closely tracks legislation pending in Sacramento, providing regular Legislative Updates to CSDC Members. During this webinar, we will review the status of key charter-specific and general K-12 education legislation and other major policy issues. We also will offer specific tips on how charter leaders can advocate for their schools through local legislators as they enter the final, intense month of the two-year legislative cycle.

Nonclassroom-based Instruction Reform: CSDC will review the recommendations from the State Controller’s court-appointed task force on nonclassroom-based auditing and fiscal accountability. We will place these recommendations in the context of the larger debate over the future of nonclassroom-based instruction, including two other prior reports and CSDC’s ongoing advocacy efforts on behalf of nonclassroom-based schools.

Who Should Attend?

Given the range of topics above—and the high stakes involved this year—CSDC strongly recommends that organizations register:

  • Executive Directors and other senior leaders
  • CFOs/COOs and others with fiscal management responsibilities
  • Governing Board Members

Registration is required to participate in the live webinar on July 17.

Register now to join CSDC’s expert staff and hundreds of your colleagues for this important event.

2024 Budget, Policy, and Leadership Update Webinar Series

Adopted State Budget Webinar

Live Webinar
Wednesday, July 17, 2024
9:30AM-12:30PM PDT
Registration Deadline: 9:00AM PDT on the day of the webinar


Webinar Recording
The recording of this webinar will be made available to CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers on CSDC's website shortly after the event and does not require registration.

Access Recording

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