Four Checklists Your Governance Team Can’t Live Without

Traditionally, January is a time to recover from holiday gift-giving, but CSDC has a little something that we just can’t wait to share with you!

We spent the rainy days of winter hunkered down, pouring over laws, researching deadlines, and doing a deep dive into regulations and other technical documents so that we can offer you the four checklists that your charter school governance team just can’t live without!

Each of these resources is updated for the 2024 calendar year. Even though we know that charter schools function on a school year calendar, we’ve updated and are releasing this information now to ensure that your school has the information you need to be successful from January to December 2024. Your team may wish to consider using these checklists now for a mid-school year review and to ensure that you are in compliance with all the latest laws and regulations.

The first resource is CSDC’s Mandated Internet Postings Checklist. It seems like every year, those folks in the legislature dream up even more required content for charter school websites. This checklist will help ensure that your school’s website is up-to-date and that all the current legal requirements are met.

Next, we have the Annual Notifications to Parents and Guardians Checklist. A variety of California state laws, federal laws, and regulations require that specific notifications be sent to parents or guardians of charter school students each year. The CSDC checklist reviews 60 annual notification requirements, gives the background on each of them, links all the resources, requirements, and policies for each one, and offers a list of best practice actions for schools to take.

We’ve updated our Annual Governing Board Calendar Checklist, as well, and offer it as a tool for planning effective board meetings. By using this calendar, your charter school governance team can map out board meeting agendas that include important requirements or deadlines.

Last, but not least, we’ve revamped a few of our sample governing board policies and reworked our Charter School Board Policy Checklist. One of the most important tasks of charter school boards is to approve the policies needed for the school to function. This checklist provides the legal background for policy development, links to all the sample policies that CSDC offers, and a form to keep track of your school’s implementation and updating progress.

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In addition to these helpful checklists, CSDC School Membership provides consistent, ongoing support for your board members, including:

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  • Online Governance Academy: On-demand learning modules that provide board members with the information needed to effectively oversee their schools.

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We’re sure that these 2024 updates will be useful to your governance team, and as always, if you have questions related to these resources or anything governance-related, please contact Caitlin O’Halloran Hellar at

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