Getting Ready for the 2023-24 State Budget Cycle

Just after the holidays, Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to provide his proposals for the 2023-24 California state budget before the January 10 statutory deadline.

A number of questions will loom large for the Governor and State Legislature during the upcoming budget negotiations.

For instance, with actual state tax revenues lagging significantly behind current-year assumptions, will funding cuts be triggered for K-14 education? 

Will the state appropriations limit (“Gann Limit”) cap state spending and/or force cuts to education spending? 

And can the state afford to sustain huge K-12 program expansions and pay for likely-higher cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs)? 

With these questions, it’s important to have handle on recent trends so that your charter school can prepare for the future. 

First, Get Caught Up On 2022

If you need a clear picture of the state’s fiscal conditions at year’s end, the Leadership Update Presentation can quickly bring you up-to-speed. 

Recorded several weeks ago at the 2022 CSDC Conference, this presentation provides critical updates on topics affecting California charter schools, including:

  • Legislation and policy
  • Independent study and nonclassroom-based schools
  • Regulations and litigation
  • Accountability and charter renewal
  • Public opinion, advocacy, and messaging
  • Elections and politics

A full recording of the presentation is available as part of the conference recorded package–which features nearly 30 hours of conference programming. 

The recorded package can be purchased by CSDC Member schools and nonmembers alike. And a significant discount is available to those who attended the event in Sacramento. (Please contact for the code.) 

The recorded package is available for sale until January.



In this brief clip from the Leadership Update Presentation, CSDC Executive Director and Founder, Eric Premack, shares strategies for managing declining enrollment.

Then Join Us for Our 2023-24 State Budget Series 

Every year, CSDC hosts a series of webinars during the state’s annual state budget development cycle. 

The webinar series typically kicks off with an extensive session on the Governor’s budget proposals in early January and is followed by additional webinars after the “May Revision” and final adoption of the state budget. 

CSDC just announced the date of the first webinar in the 2023-24 series. 

The webinar is available at no additional cost to CSDC Member Schools–and, unlike the conference recorded package, is not available to non-member schools. 

Click below to join as a CSDC Member and to learn more about the webinar:

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