Have Insights on These Topics? Charter Leaders Need to Hear from You!

We’re building another outstanding program for the 2023 CSDC Conference taking place November 8-10 in Anaheim, CA.

The Call for Proposals (CFP) is currently open and CSDC is accepting submissions until the July 7 deadline and we hope to hear from you!

98% Agree

98% of 2022 CSDC Conference attendees who completed the post-event survey reported that the conference provided timely, accurate, and actionable information from sector experts like you.

In 2023, the CSDC Conference is accepting proposals for the following conference programming formats:

  • Breakout Sessions: 75-minute presentations organized into strands that make up the bulk of the offered content and scheduled throughout the event
  • Learning Labs: 45-minute sessions hosted in our exhibit hall full of energy, hands-on engagement and opportunities for attendees to interact with their colleagues

Review the complete conference schedule.

Who Presents?

CSDC seeks strong, experienced leaders within the charter sector who have insightful, timely, and critical content to share. The most valuable proposals will:

Charter Leaders Need to Hear From You!

"There was so much value to being in person with colleagues who can relate, inspire, support, and educate one another. Every session was relevant and helpful. I’m proud to be a part of a group of innovative educators who strive to serve students in extraordinary ways. Thank you for bringing us all together!” - S. Johnson, Superintendent, Central Valley Charter School
  • Address content or topics listed in the CFP or a timely topic unique to your leadership
  • Be presented by charter sector leaders
  • Review specific, proven practices
  • Provide descriptions of specific challenges and how the school/charter organization/leader overcame them
  • Offer real-world applications to operationalize valuable content
  • Engage attendees with interactive components, helpful visuals, multiple presenters, and/or Q&A

What Are the Programming Strands?

In 2023, CSDC is seeking proposals in the following strands:

Strand 1: Accountability and Renewal
  • Demonstrating Growth with Verified Data Assessments: Grappling with Pandemic Data and Other Tricky Issues
  • Demonstrating Strong Post Secondary Outcomes
  • Renewal and Accountability
  • Understanding Shifting LCAP Requirements / Tricky LCAP Issues: LCAP Excerpts and Case Studies
  • Renewal Case Studies: How We Rallied Our Data to Make a Compelling Case
  • Measuring Student Success
  • Other
Strand 2: Educational Approaches: Teaching and Learning
  • Successful CTEIG Programs
  • Developing and Launching Successful Community Schools
  • Leveraging Technology
  • STEM Programs
  • Developing Instructional Leadership
  • Project Based Learning
  • Effective Instructional Practices for Nonclassroom-Based Schools
  • Build a Thriving TK Program
  • Addressing Learning Lag
  • Open Call: Share Your Instructional Super Power!
  • Other
Strand 3: Facilities
  • Effectively Navigating Prop 39
  • Bond Financing for Charter School Facilities
  • SB 740 Facilities Strategies
  • Facilities Fundamentals
  • Other
Strand 4: Governance
  • Essential Charter School Policies
  • Effective Board Management Practices
  • Strategic Planning for Charter Schools
  • Forming a PAC
  • Successfully Recruiting Charter School Board Members--Who to Look For and Where to Find Them
  • Positive Parent Communication
  • Managing/Recruiting Volunteers
  • Building Successful Relationships with Your Authorizer
  • Creating Local Networking Opportunities with Other Charter Schools
  • Other
Strand 5: Human Resources
  • Effectively Recruiting and Retaining High Quality Staff
  • Navigating Employee Leaves
  • Developing Competitive Salary and Benefits Packages
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy--How Do You Run an Effective Leadership Search?
  • Navigating Teacher Credentialing
  • At the Table: The Nitty Gritty of Negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Collective Bargaining 101
  • Labor Relations Fundamentals
  • HR Claim Trends in Charter Schools
  • Effective Performance Management
  • Risk Management: Proactive HR
  • Employee Classifications and Contracts
  • Other
Strand 6: Leadership and Equity
  • Redefining a Culture of Wellness in Our School Staff
  • Building Effective Charter Leaders and Leadership Teams: Recruitment, Development and Retention Strategies
  • Leading Through Change Effectively
  • Developing Leadership Succession Plans
  • The Critical Work of Creating and Leading Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable, and Anti-Racist Organizations
  • Restorative Practices and Positive School Climate
  • Addressing Teacher and Administrator Burnout
  • Translating Mission, Vision and Values Into Practice
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Developing and Maintaining Strategic Partnerships
  • Strategic Planning for Charter Schools
  • Increasing Racial Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence Among Charter School and District Administrators
  • Other
Strand 7: Legal
  • Independent Study Compliance
  • Wager and Hour Compliance: Employee Classifications and Non-exempt Requirements
  • Special Education Compliance
  • Legal and Policy Update
  • Cyber Security--More Critical Than Ever
  • Material Revisions, MOUs and Authorizer Policies: Challenges for Growth
  • Unions and Charter Schools
  • Other
Strand 8: Policy and Advocacy
  • Preparing for Renewal
  • Advocacy - Student Ambassadors
  • Parent Power
  • Running for Local School Board
  • Building Authorizer Support: Successful Outreach and School Visits
  • State Legislative and Regulatory Update
  • Other
Strand 9: School Operations
  • Universal Pre-K Fundamentals
  • Building and Managing a Sustainable Food Program
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) Implementation
  • Universal Meal Program: Best Practices
  • Creative, Impactful Marketing Strategies to Ensure Enrollment
  • Liability Trends and How to Avoid Them
  • School Safety
  • Preventing Student Sexual Assault
  • An Ounce of Prevention: Risk Management
  • Other
Strand 10: Strategic Fiscal Management
  • Universal TK Implementation
  • Building a Sustainable Universal Meal Program (UMP)
  • Categorical Funding--Making It Work for Your School
  • Strategies to Streamline Operations and Endure Fiscal Uncertainty
  • Innovative Charter School Financing and Funding Alternatives to Expand Revenue Sources
  • Federal Funding Management
  • Special Ed without Breaking the Bank
  • Audit Update
  • Other
Strand 11: Student Success
  • Meet the Rise in Student Mental Health Needs
  • Promoting Growth in Literacy
  • Promoting Growth in Mathematics
  • Supporting the Success of English Learners
  • Supporting the Success of Students with Disabilities
  • Supporting Students Through Crisis
  • Social Emotional Learning--Student Wellness
  • Social Justice and Anti-Racism Curriculum
  • Supporting the Success of Students with Disabilities
  • Promoting Strong Post Secondary Outcomes
  • Supporting ELL Students
  • Supporting Students with Special Needs
  • Other

We hope you will submit your proposal to present at the 2023 CSDC Conference! All proposals are due by the CFP deadline: Friday, July 7. Thank you!

2023 CSDC Conference

November 8-10, 2023
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

Upcoming Deadlines
June 30 • Award Nominations
July 7 • Call for Proposals
August 11 • Early Registration

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