May Revise & Spring Charter Leadership Update Webinar

Volatile economic conditions, delayed tax filings, persistent inflation, bank runs, and a sagging technology sector are weighing heavily on state revenues after several years of dramatic increases in school funding. While the statutory cost-of-living factor has increased, state revenues are down, and other cost pressures are increasing.

More so than ever, this year’s annual May Budget Revision will force the governor and his staff to make difficult estimates with very limited information. Meanwhile, Senate Democratic leaders recently issued their updated budget priorities, generally calling for continued expansion of K-12 funding programs, rejecting cuts proposed by the governor, and providing billions of dollars of increased one-time and ongoing K-12 education funding. To pay for this, Senate Democrats propose increasing the corporate income tax rate and suspending corporate tax credits and deductions.

After previously analyzing the governor's budget proposals during an extensive live webinar in January, CSDC will continue its 2023-24 State Budget Webinar Series with the May Revise & Spring Charter Leadership Update Webinar.

The May Revise webinar will provide essential information on key topics all charter school leaders need, including:

  • An overview of the larger economic picture, its impact on state revenues, and education funding formulas,
  • The governor’s “May Revise” budget proposals,
  • Legislator’s education funding proposals including their proposals including how they would avoid cuts and provide additional one-time and ongoing funding,
  • CSDC’s “crystal ball” funding estimates and practical suggestions on how to guesstimate revenues in a volatile economic and budgeting context,
  • Updates on program expansions including Transitional Kindergarten, Expanded Learning, and others,
  • Updates on major pending legislation including efforts to stop a “charter killer” bill, proposals to extend charter renewal deadlines, and other general K-12 education bills of vital interest,
  • Updates on charter renewal prospects,
  • Updates on charter petition appeals, nonclassroom-based funding determinations, and other important issues before the State Board of Education and other regulatory agencies.

This webinar is a “can’t miss” opportunity for charter school executives, business officials, board members, and teacher leaders to receive an information-packed update during peak budget and policy season. 

This webinar is exclusively available to CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers at no additional cost. Learn more about joining (or renewing) in advance of the webinar. The webinar is not available to vendor members and nonmembers.

Registration is required to join the live webinar.

A recording of the webinar will be made available to CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers on CSDC's website shortly after the event and does not require registration. 

2023-24 State Budget Webinar Series

Live Webinar
Thursday, May 18, 2023
1:00-4:00PM PDT
Registration Deadline: 10:00AM PDT on May 18


Webinar Recording
The recording of this webinar will be made available to CSDC Member Schools and Authorizers on CSDC's website shortly after the event and does not require registration.

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