2024 Renewal Webinar: A Closer Look at the Charter Renewal Data Provisions & Criteria Resource Page

Susanne Coie

Accountability & Development Specialist

March 13, 2024

This live webinar is an benefit available to CSDC Member schools and authorizers at no additional cost.

If you're not a member, CSDC urges your organization to join/renew so that your leadership team can access this webinar and receive CSDC's consistent, ongoing support throughout the school year.

If you have a school or authorizer membership, this webinar will:

  • View student achievement data through the lens of legal grounds for denial:
  • Examine how the above criteria fit, –and do not fit, –with “verified data” that authorizers are required to consider
  • Address confusion about the use of CAASPP and ELPAC in renewal
  • Analyze strengths, limitations, and distortions in various data sources, including the importance of using confidence intervals rather than cut-points in high stakes decisions
  • Understand the need to get a handle on these complex topics early and build shared understanding with the authorizer