2024 Renewal Webinar: Overview of Charter Renewal Process & Renewal Data Fundamentals Resource Page

Susanne Coie

Accountability & Development Specialist

February 28, 2024

This live webinar is an exclusive benefit available to CSDC Member schools and authorizers at no additional cost.

If you're not a member, CSDC urges your organization to join/renew so that your leadership team can access this webinar and receive CSDC's consistent, ongoing support throughout the school year.

  • Understand the basics of renewal petition drafting, timelines, process, and appeals
  • Be aware of new denial grounds related to finance, governance, and dis-enrollment of lower scoring students
  • Review the renewal criteria for each of three “performance tiers”: streamlined/5-7 year renewal (“high”), default/5-year renewal (“middle”), denial/2-year renewal (“low”), and the criteria for Dashboard Alternative Status Schools (DASS)
  • Learn why many schools operate on the margin of the streamlined (“high”) or the denial/2-year (“low”) tiers–or even both of those margins.
  • Consider how to align school planning with renewal data provisions and “verified data”
  • Most importantly, sometimes,: understand the need to communicate effectively and build support for your school