Team Members

Jodi Jones

Chief Executive Officer, IEM Charter Schools


Effective October 1  2018, Jodi was officially named Chief Executive Officer of IEM Charter Schools.   She has worked collaboratively with governing agencies, county offices and charter leaders to navigate the local and statewide political landscape and is looking forward to leading the organization through the ever-changing landscape of California charter schools. 

Prior to accepting the IEM position Jodi worked as the Chief Operations Officer for Delta Managed Solutions (DMS) supporting over 30 charter schools across the State of California.  During her nearly six years with DMS she successfully developed a highly trained financial team and worked to expand core business services including monthly financial reporting tools.  Jodi supported multiple charters through challenges such as charter start-up and renewal, budget shortfalls, cash flow management, audits, facility plan development, financing and MOU negotiations. 

 Beginning in July 2008, Jodi worked as Chief Business Official (CBO) for Gateway Community Charters (GCC).  During that time, she successfully transitioned six charter schools from dependent charters to independent (direct funded).  In partnership with the Sacramento County Office of Education, she successfully negotiated all six GCC charters as the first independent charters to be included in the county administered financial system.  Jodi was also successful in negotiating district facility use agreements, expansion of commercial school site locations, and site renovations.  Within her role as CBO, Ms. Jones was responsible for non-profit budget development, strategic planning, asset management, debt management, facility procurement, contracts, cash management, risk management, technology, payroll and accounting.   

Prior to her work with GCC, Ms. Jones served as the Business Director for Natomas Charter School for five years.  During that time, she developed and administered a co-operative of charter schools to partner for back office services and to share best practices reducing administrative costs from 9% of total operations to 4%.  Jodi was also pivotal in securing over $1.8 million in facility financing to fund new construction for expansion of the school site.   

Prior to her work at Natomas Charter School, she has worked as a technology and fiscal consultant to Grant Joint Unified School District and other Northern California based charter schools.  She was a founding member of JJRam, LLC and managed a development project for a charter school student information and attendance accounting system.   


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