Who Registers for the CBO Training Program? It Might Surprise You.

Registration is open until January 9 for the 2023 Charter Business Officer (CBO) Training Program

Each year, the CBO Training Program brings together a new cohort of charter school business and operations leaders to learn, problem-solve, network, and share. 

Developed by CSDC’s team of charter school experts–including Executive Director and Founder, Eric Premack–the program curriculum features over 100 hours of instruction, content, and group meeting time. 

In addition to live weekly online sessions, the 2023 CBO Training Program also offers two, 2-day in-person training sessions held in Sacramento.  

Here’s what you need to know about who registers for CBO:

You do not have an MBA or even to have studied business in college. In fact, the majority of last year’s participants studied a field unrelated to business, finance, or accounting.

You’ve been in the sector for a while: Two-thirds of last year’s cohort had served the California charter sector for 4 or more years prior to registering.

But you’re new to your role: Even though most participants have spent a modest amount of time in the sector, over 70% of last year’s cohort had been in their roles fewer than 3 years prior to applying.

In other words, if you’re like the typical CBO Training Program participant, you’re committed to serving California charters–and you have new fiscal management and oversight responsibilities or you’re new to your current charter organization and want to learn how to do your job well

If this sounds like you, we hope you’ll consider joining us!

Registration Closes January 9, 2023

Registration for the 2023 CBO Training Program closes on Monday, January 9, 2023 at 11:59PM PST. 

Please reach us at events@chartercenter.org with any questions.


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